Strategic Analysis & Assessment

Eliminate uncertainty about reaching your infrastructure goals

Savant’s Strategic Analysis and Infrastructure Assessment services help ensure the success of your business and IT initiatives by providing the fresh, objective perspective you need to make important strategic decisions. A successful analysis always starts with a vision – we will not be able to get anywhere without best understanding where you want to go.

Our structured, holistic approach allows us to help you answer questions like “how do we get there from here?”, “how do we know when we’re there?” and “how do we stay there?”

What You Gain
  • Reduce deployment costs and delays by assessing current capabilities and readiness to adopt new technologies, applications and solutions
  • Improve Return on Investment (ROI) by identifying gaps that can be reconciled
  • An infrastructure baseline that allows you to make the strategic decisions about present and future state of your infrastructure
What You Get
  • A roadmap that provides the intelligence and data that supports the action plan for achieving your goals
  • Details, details, details: network diagrams, configurations, security, management, routing protocols, memory usage, bridging, queue and QoS, access control, backup method, etc
  • Clearly stated results and recommendations that will satisfy both technical and non-technical audiences in your organization
How You Get It
  • A proven, methodical process that allows us to build a complete picture of your opportunities for improvement
  • Assessment services ranging from one-time assessments to ongoing infrastructure evaluation
  • Strategic roadmaps and documentation tailored for your specific requirements, with as little or as much detail as you need