Network Design


Whether it’s a new data center or a branch office, Savant understands that there are many routes to the same destination.  The challenge is in finding the route that works best for the business – one that balances needs and budget, one that recognizes the necessities of today while understanding the requirements of the future.  Savant Network Design services are driven by our Senior Network Experts and guided by our many years of expertise in order to get you to the right destination.

What You Gain

  • A design that provides not just a road-map to get to your destination but also the intelligence for avoiding roadblocks
  • Documentation and design recommendations delivered with actionable intelligence – BoMs, protocol recommendation, etc
  • Can you “own” it?  We offer personalized network designs that take into account your personnel and organizational capabilities in addition to the hardware and software requirements

What You Get

  • Focused time with a Senior Network Expert to discuss your goals and requirements.
  • Network design documents that are more than just switch and router icons.
  • We recognize that we need to understand where you’ve come from is just as important as where you’re going.  We will always ensure our designs can integrate with your existing infrastructure.

How You Get It

  • Not all designs require new equipment – we strive to actualize the investment your company has already made before making recommendations for new capital expenses.
  • Comprehensive design that begins with a review of current environment, applications, and objectives from all key stakeholders
  • Design deliverables that meet the technical requirements of the IT staff while providing business decision-makers the intelligence they need to make strategic decisions