Operations Management


Savant’s Operations Management services include ongoing network infrastructure and performance monitoring aided by next-generation analytics.  Our goal is to have the answer before knowing the question by identifying trends and anomalies within your network infrastructure that can lead to performance degradation. Our dedicated support team manages your day-to-day network operations; freeing up your in-house resources to focus on your core business and project initiatives that foster growth and add value to your organization.

What You Gain

  • Reduce capital expenditure and overhead costs and increase business efficiency by using a single service provider to manage your complete network infrastructure
  • Ability to answer compliance and regulatory requirements through tailored operations management services to include security management, configuration management and change management
  • Improved performance of infrastructure and applications through predictive and proactive issue identification
  • Amplify visibility into business parameters with Savant’s custom dashboard development services

What You Get

  • Simplify network operations, lower total cost of ownership (TCO), and accelerate adoption of advanced technologies securely while retaining visibility and control
  • We can integrate application and service context to traditional network monitoring and management in order to provide a complete picture of infrastructure health
  • Automated alerts, issue tracking and continuous monitoring that enables efficient problem resolution

How You Get It

  • Gain transparency and visibility into day-to-day network operations through a dashboard with reporting tools that provide self-service access to the data and insight they need
  • Regular reviews with key stakeholders to coordinate on upcoming business and infrastructure initiatives in order to provide context to changes in the environment
  • We work with your team to determine acceptable performance thresholds in order to ensure that performance alerts are valid to your business and don’t become “white noise” that can be tuned out if they don’t provide consistent value