Technology Procurement


Technology procurement sounds simple on the surface. I need technology, so I buy it. As technology has matured and your infrastructure has grown more complicated, so has purchasing technology, whether it be software or hardware. Your staff can spend hours, days, or even longer finding the right technology and the right price.  Allow Savant’s Technology Procurement services to work with vendors, solution providers and distributors on your behalf.  Our well-developed ecosystem of partners provides us several channels for procuring technology and the end result is timely delivery of the right solution for the best price.

What You Gain

  • Involving us in a periodic planning session or at the initial stages of the design process allows us to provide improved budget management.
  • Option visibility provides multiple options within the same vendor or multiple options within different vendors all designed to integrate seamlessly with your exisitng infrastructure
  • Faster time to deployment through validated configurations to include hardware compatibility, software versions and appropriate licensing
  • Budget flexibility through one of our many leasing or financing partners.
  • Maximum lifecycle obtainable for your equipment

What You Get

  • A proven track record of providing our customers the best acquisition price through promotion mapping, legacy trade-ins and leveraging strategic purchase time-frames.
  • Pre-sales validation of solution, not just order processing.  We want to understand your need so that we can feel confident that we are providing the proper solution.
  • Minimized delivery times through a well-developed, nationwide supply chain.

How You Get It

  • We evaluate your existing infrastructure for equipment re-allocation and lifecycle extension before considering new technology procurement
  • We provide face-to-face pre-sales support or you can work virtually with one of our pre-sales consulting engineers to develop the proper hardware or software configuration to meet your needs
  • Order confirmation before onsite delivery. Too often, customers receive errors in shipment.  We verify order accuracy and we are able to address errors before delivery allowing your staff to focus on more important tasks.
  • Solution testing through structured “try before you buy” programs allows you time to test and validate new technologies before commit